What can I expect from Heart and Home Organizing?

At Heart and Home Organizing LLC, we understand the sensitivity of our clients needs.  For most people our stuff is part of who we are and we do not take that lightly.   Our goal is to build a relationship with each client.  We will always respect your privacy.  As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers we abide by their code of ethics. We will not share any of your personal information with anyone.

Also, we promise not to judge.  Judging doesn’t help anyone!  Somehow we seem to think that being disorganized is a character flaw.  It is not.  We all have different gifts and abilities. 

You can expect us to listen with kindness and compassion as you share your goals and priorities.  We will do all that I can to make these goals a reality.

Will you make me throw my stuff away?

The simple answer is no. We will not make you get rid of anything that you do not wish to get rid of.  We will ask you tough questions to help you determine whether or not you should get rid of certain things but in the end the choice is ultimately yours and we will respect that. We do not believe that organizing means being a minimalist.  Organizing means identifying what is important to you and storing it in such a way that is orderly and easy access.  If you have a need for abundance; celebrate it! Keep your stuff.  But let’s get it in order!

Do I really need a professional organizer? 

Organizing is about taking care of yourself not about punishing yourself.  Whether you consider yourself chronically disorganized or you just find yourself going through a period of disorganization; Heart and Home Organizing can help you! It is helpful to have someone who is trained come in and help you put the pieces back together.  We can work with your natural habits and help you create storage that fits your needs and personality. We can help organize your closets, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, home office, paperwork, playroom, and storage room.  We can also help you prepare to move, pack and help unpack and get things put away.