You can set up a free 20-30 minute initial phone consultation by calling Janice at 410-991-9389 or emailing 

During your free consultation we will have an opportunity to get acquanted and discuss your needs.  If we feel that we are a good match, we can move forward in one of two ways.  We can either schedule an in-home assessment or we can jump right in and schedule our first hands on organizing session.

What is an in-home assessment?

An in-home assessment is a time that Janice will come to your home and walk through either your entire home with you or if there is just one room or one area you wish to work on we will concentrate on that area.   She will listen to you as you share your story and your goals.  With your permission, she will take photos which will help in putting a plan together. 

After we meet. she will go back to her office and put together a plan and email you with the details.  If at that point you would like to work together you would take the next step and schedule our first hands on organizing session.  We generally recommend working in 3-4 hour chunks.  We will do everything we can to make decluttering and organizing affordable for you.  You can view our rates here.