Janice Lentz

I am a professional organizer based in Anne Arundel County, MD.  I am passionate about helping others make lasting changes in their lives and homes to create a home that gives life.

Is there a more powerful word known to the heart than home?  Our home is not simply a place to sleep and eat and keep us out of the weather.  Our home should be a place to relax, recharge and find restoration. 

As a stay-at-home, single mom of four children (who are now grown) keeping our home in order required a lot of creativity.  I used my gifts and talents to developed creative systems that enabled us to easily keep things in order and enjoy the peace that organization brings. 

I started Heart and Home Organizing because I am passionate about helping others. It is my desire that everyone have a home that brings them and their families peace and comfort. Organizing is not about having a perfect house it is about bringing peace to you heart. Disorder causes stress. Let me come alongside you and help you reduce the stress in your life and bring order to your home. Let me help you create a home that gives life. One that makes you and everyone who enters feel at peace. 

I am creative, resourceful and ready to help you simplify your life.  I am waiting to help you create the home your soul needs.  Let's get started - Contact me today: send an email